Encourage creativity. Hamburg Declaration.  regarding intellectual property rights

International publishers demand respect for intellectual property rights to safeguard the future of journalism 

In June 2009, news group Chief Executives from both the EPC and the World Association of Newspapers presented the HAMBURG DECLARATION to the Commission of the European Union calling for online copyright to be respected, to allow innovation to thrive and consumers to be better served. 

With the list of signatories growing continuously, the movers and shakers of the media are rallying around this Declaration, which started life in Hamburg, as a way to garner support from publishers and broadcasters throughout the world.

This landmark Declaration on intellectual property rights in the digital world continues to attract signatures from top media owners and managers around the world. It is a bid to ensure that opportunities for a diverse, free press and quality journalism thrive online into the future.

Please read the full text of the Hamburg Declaration and the press release from June 2009.  The Declaration remains open for signature and you can sign up via this website. Please click on the icon below – and spread the word and invite additional top media representatives to sign this Declaration.